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Ken Cro-Ken, painter and Matt Sullivan, oboist

"...The most unusual work I encountered was "Multiple Oneness", an intriguing performance art piece
by the oboist Matt Sullivan and the painter Ken Cro-Ken.  While Mr. Sullivan played a melancholy lament
over recorded sounds, Mr. Cro-Ken poured liquids onto a canvas projected onto a video screen. 
The colorful liquids flowed through the painting's raised surfaces like yellow lava,
swirling in strange tandem with the oboe's melancholy tunes."

VIVIEN SCHWEITZER (Published February 22, 2011)  

329 Broome St., NY, NY

- M u l t i p l e   O n e n e s s,   T i m e   R e l e a s e d   P e r f o r m a n c e s -
Just as a planet's surface is a visual record of past events,
my paint experiments come to apparent result, creating a residue of the experience;
and could more accurately be called a "painted."
It is the video that captures images that eluded capture by the canvas
that could more appropriately be called the "painting."
This led to wanting to bring the forward and create life performances
with electro/acoustic oboist Matt Sullivan
and project live while other projections show past paint experiments
and our neighboring planets in action.

Mine is a physical investigation of our planet using paint.  With that, my focus is on the Actual and built upon this foundation are our contemporary thoughts about realism and abstraction and the techniques used.  With greater focus on this triad I can observe this planet more acutely with paint as my aperture.  By mixing paints and catalysts I recreate the push-pull forces that shape and mold all things on this planet and elsewhere.  My multimedia palette, (Speed Elements, created and developed since 1980), is sensitive to the ecosystem.  A hot, cold, wet or dry day will affect a paint experiment whether I leave my indoor studio or go to my garden studio; or on location.  By "launching" an active paint experiment in above and below freezing weather and learn about paint and Nature simultaneously.  Since this form of painting is not only a mental exercise, I find myself in the immediate past, present and future as Speed Element paint experiments are launched and I must predict my illusions in advance of their actual appearance.  Personally, I love summer but professionally I love winter.  Summer experiments forces instinct to take over as a paint experiment moves more quickly and comes to rest within a few days.  A winter painting freezes and reanimates when temperatures rise above freezing as this interaction of unique paint experiments occurs within weeks, months and even years; (depending on how far north one goes in the North Hemisphere.)  Mine is a physical investigation of the planet using paint.  I experiment and the result is called a painting.  Simply put, I manipulate space, time and matter and the matter is not just paint.  As an Actualist, I realize that all we create are earthworks and as such, measures my departure from conventional art. I realize the limitless possibilities and rewards to accepting this planet as it is and not ignore the actual relationship that exists between art and Nature.  In  an age of "Virtual Reality" and "Fake News", I find it comforting to know that Nature offers facts; not opinions.

Nature has her own best mode for doing each thing
and has told us plainly along the way...
and if If we choose our own ways as opposed to Nature's,
Nature will not be slow in undeceiving us.
-  Ralph Waldo Emerson  -


"Connecticut and Long Island", (40" x 30"), mixed media paints                                                                                                            1984

 Untitled Pair, 6"x12" each, mixed media on canvas                                               2017


"Blue Shift", 36"x48" mixed media, canvas; and Mini Rondo 3" diameter paintings on metal                                    2006

Hayden Planetarium, New York, N.Y.                                         July 7th - 12th, 2013


"Manipulating Space, Time and Paint" (Phases 1-3), mixed media on canvas, 48" x 60"                                                                  2017

My desire is to create beautiful and interesting art is great
but my desire to raise awareness as to the relationship that exists
between Nature and Art.

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